Radiant Alarm Clock


Industrial Design, UX, Electronic Prototyping, Modelmaking, Exhibit Design

Undergrad Industrial Design Thesis @ Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Radiant is an alarm clock for the device age. It uses light and gentle sound to wake you up and help you fall asleep. It creates digital sunrises and sunsets, all customizable via app.

Radiant was the thesis project of my Industrial Design undergrad  in 2014. I wanted to create a product that met a real need in a way that was sensitive to the emotional context of sleep. By using form and material to add a sense of poetry to the experience, Radiant bridges the gap between the products that exist in our world and the products that could exist in our future.

It’s 2:26 AM. Bedtime. You’re up late, clicking around on the internet, lost in a swirl of light. Did you know the internet is mostly blue? It is.

Next to you, a warm amber glow washes up the wall and ceiling, fighting the pale blue light that tempts you, showing you one more link, one more update, one more list of viral hits you missed. 

You look over at Radiant, just like you’d look at a clock.  But you already know the time. What you’re looking for is reassurance, something to tell you it’s okay to let go, that the internet will still be waiting in the morning.

Radiant doesn’t tell time. What Radiant tells you is that now is the perfect time to get under the covers. We’re surrounded by clocks and cursors and cameras, constantly blinking at us. We don’t need more information, we just need more space to process it.

You reach out, telling Radiant when to wake you.

Then you pull the covers up high, hiding from the world. It's 2:31 AM. Bedtime.

A softer kind of smart

Digital life often keeps us up late, reducing the quality of our sleep and affecting our wellbeing. To counter this, Radiant acts as a passive, calming presence in the face of stress, anxiety, and distraction.

There are no beeps. There are no notifications. There are no bright screens. Just you, your bed, and a big warm sunset.


From Dawn To Dusk

Radiant’s LED light array takes advantage of the link between light colour and melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. 

Being exposed to cool blue light in the morning suppresses melatonin, helping you feel alert and ready to take on the day. Exposure to warm orange light in the evening encourages melatonin, helping you feel calm and ready to fall into deep, restful sleep.

Delicately Digital

Smartphones are powerful tools, but they can be distracting from what’s really important in life. 

Radiant puts your phone in a supporting role, letting you decide how much you want to use it. You can control detailed settings, visualize your sleep patterns, and set alarms remotely if you like, but a phone isn’t necessary to use Radiant at all. It’s technology on your own terms.

Take Control

Radiant’s cast brass switchgear is designed to be tactile and easy to operate from bed without looking.

Not sure if you remembered to set an alarm? The alarm switch sticks up like a mailbox flag when it’s on, making it easy to see from across the room or feel in the dark.

The App

Visualize your sleep patterns, connect your alarm to your calendar, and create custom sunrises and sunsets.

The Pebble

Powered wirelessly so you can set your alarm from under the covers. Casts soft ambient light through your room, plays calming music or gentle alerts, and helps you sleep like a rock.

The Pea

Slips under your mattress, tracks your movements, and transmits them back to the Pebble so you can get your beauty sleep.